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PC PUG Days: Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How, the CMC Catalogs Your Local Genealogy Items


Aug 25, 2020 09:32 AM

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Cheri Schuler-Faust
CMC Cataloger @Illinois Heartland Library System
Cheri Schuler-Faust has been cataloging since 1996, first as a public library cataloger, then as an independent contract cataloger and finally as a Library system cataloger, currently with Illinois Heartland Library System. Over the course of years as a cataloger, Cheri has worked with the Cataloging Maintenance Center (CMC) as a contract cataloger, and as a permanent member of the CMC since 2014 providing original cataloging of local history, genealogy, local authors and special collections including foreign language materials.
Erin Rose
Metadata Cataloger @Illinois Heartland Library System
MLIS, University of Wisconsin – Madison, focus on Archives and Records in a Digital Age | Erin’s road to becoming the CMC’s Metadata Cataloger involved a variety of professional experiences that all required gathering and organizing information. As the Assistant to the Curator of the Lawton Gallery, she organized and accessioned (and even participated in deaccessioning) artworks into and out of the permanent collection and making sure that there was a clear and accurate record for each item. Cataloging is really similar, in that she gets to organize and relate information in a clear manner (plus writing up MARC records makes her feel pretty smart). Erin’s favorite thing about working for the CMC is that she has a variety of duties – from transcribing, to preparing presentations, to taking continuing education courses, to data cleanup, every day is a new adventure that keeps her on her toes!